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Mobile School and Furniture

The mobile school is complete as a vehicle for the education of children in non-school areas.

A child without education is a child with little hope to succeed in life.

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) estimates that more than 500 million children and adolescents in the world do not reach minimum proficiency levels in reading and math. Many of them have never attended school; the rest have done so briefly or in fundamentally dysfunctional institutions.

The latest UNHCR numbers count 68.5 million people who are refugees or forcibly displaced; more than half of these being children, half of whom get no education. Lack of education in fragile states can be attributed to the scarcity of school facilities, the absence of teachers, poverty or orphism, distance to schools, lack of community support and other reasons. Further, 123 million girls have no access to education merely because of their gender.

The numbers and categories of children deprived of education can vary from survey to survey and between the different sources, but in all cases, the scale of the problem is counted in hundreds of millions of children.

The challenge at hand for WRS and our partners is to bring quality education to each one of these children.

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