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About Us






             Gazi Gazi Grup A.Ş. was founded in 2001. Our company was established for the sale of medical products. Our company has made a breakthrough in 2012 to supply its products from direct producers around the world and started to supply to the consumers our top quality products from our portfolio in the shortest time with the best price. As of 2013 our company, beside its local activities started to export. Also it started to provide installation, training and service for the equipments exported. Our company provides services in the fields of settlement, energy, mobile health vehicles, NFI kits, and hygiene and water kits beside the medical equipments which are necessary for the emergency life.

                Currently, our company imports from 8 countries and exports to Middle East and Africa. Our company collaborates with almost 40 aid foundations and we provide services to these foundations.


Gazilab Medical A.Ş. was established in 2001 for giving service in Medical sector. It is working in medical sector by selling hospital laboratory equipment, consumables, fixtures and technical service after sales and training services. It is selling hospital consumables, medical intensive care equipment and consumables, operation room fixtures and consumables and other hospital equipment and Training Sets/Models and technical services in medical sector. Our company performed good job and ambitious works in telecommunication sector in last two years. It started to give service in sales of satellite internet systems, satellite phones, wireless systems and their technical services. Our company started to import from other countries since 2010 and granted to be exclusive distributor for many products and found chance to offer cheaper and high quality service in its sector. Our company is currently importing from Germany, China, England, USA, Hungary, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, India and Spain.


- Laboratory Equipment and Consumables
- Operation Room Equipment and Consumables
- Intensive Care Equipment and Consumables
- Hospital Fixtures
- Hospital Consumables
- Training Sets/Models
- Oxygen Generation Systems and Installation
- Kidney/Dialysis Machines, Equipment and Consumables
- Cardiology Equipment and Consumables
- Orthopedic Materials
- Vaccination and Blood Transfer Materials
- Radiology Equipment and Consumables
- Medicine Groups
- Satellite Internet and Systems
- Satellite Phones + Power Supply
- Wireless Systems
- Prefabricated Systems (Construction Systems)
- Generator in any size

Installation and training for operation for all machines supplies by our company are made by technical staff working in our company.

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