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The pharmaceutical product range of Gazi Gazi Grup is based on the World Health Organization's Essential Medicines List. Gazi Gazi Grup can provide all common dosage forms (eg tablets, capsules and injections) of the drugs included in the Essential Drug List.


All pharmaceutical products can be delivered in a blister pack or hospital packaging (jars). Several doses are available; these are suitable for both adults and children.

Quality guaranteed

Pharmaceutical products are purchased, stored and distributed in accordance with the Good Distribution Practices Guidelines (GDP 2013-C68-01) and Gazi Gazi Grup's Wholesale License (108930G) conditions. In accordance with GDP guidelines, Gazi Gazi Grup's guarantees the quality of all its products in the entire distribution network. Our quality assurance system also guarantees that any delivery can be tracked within 24 hours in the event of a recall. Gazi Gazi Grup works only with qualified and approved drug suppliers.

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